Frequently Asked Questions

What video formats do you support?

We support conversions to most of the popular media formats out there like mp3, mp4, avi and flv.

Does your service only support YouTube?

Our free online video conversion tool is a highly popular YouTube Converter. But currently we support youtube and vimeo.

Can I convert videos using my other devices?

Our website is responsive so you can use in any devices but depends, If your device is powered by Android then yes, you can definitely convert videos and download the converted files directly to your tablet or smart phone. However, if you are using an iOS device, you will not be able to download the converted file due to software limitations of the iOS web browser. We are currently developing a mobile application, which aims to resolve this issue and make it easier to do video conversions on a mobile device.

Is a conversion of a file with your service really free?

Yes, our service is completely free. Really.

What happens to my files I uploaded? Are they safe?

We understand the concerns about your privacy. These are the steps we take to protect

  • All files you upload are deleted automatically after 24 hours or after 10 downloads, whichever comes first.
  • In addition, you also have the option to delete the file instantly on our server after you have downloaded it.
  • There is no backup made of user files.
  • A manual review of all files is not possible anyway due to the high amount of files we process each day.
  • The download of your file can only be made via the unique, non guessable download URL you got from us.
  • You keep the copyright and ownership of the source file and the converted file.